Monday, February 12, 2007

Trump and Vodka a hypocritical mix

Donald Trump uses his name for many money making ventures, but the recent licensing of the Trump name to a brand of vodka has many snickering at the sheer hypocrisy of it all.

Trump has been quoted in past interviews as saying that he does not drink and does not care for people who do. A recent Los Angeles launch party for Trump the Vodka was less than spectacular, with reporter Janet Charlton musing "Donald Trump doesn't look too confident about his Trump Super Premum Vodka - maybe because he's never tasted it."

Charlton reported that the invitees who attended the Trump vodka party at Le Deux complained that they were charged $20 for valet parking. Inside the soiree the tables were empty that were reserved for celebrities who got photographed on the red carpet, who were said to have "promptly left" after their photo ops.

"The party was jammed with ordinary people who weren't allowed to sit at the empty tables or open the Trump vodka bottles on them. The DJ played The Apprentice theme song 'Money' when Donald arrived with great fanfare, preceded by security guards clearing the way. Even HE left after ten minutes." said the unnamed party snitch to Charlton.

Trump has written and shared his assorted rules for success many times in various books and lectures. In Trump's own words: "I’ve come up with certain rules for myself that are important for surviving the perils of success. Be disciplined. This is the first and most important rule. Long vacations, drinking, drugs-all of those things are bad for discipline because they interrupt your momentum." Source: Surviving at the Top, p. 40-44 Jul 2, 1990

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