Sunday, February 11, 2007

American Idol Producers Edit The Show To Make Paula Abdul Look Less Drunk

Every year American Idol judge Paula Abdul’s often over-the-top behavior leads thousands in the media to speculate that she must either be constantly drunk or on something. Paula Abdul has repeatedly denied these rumors and claims that she doesn’t even drink.

Because it’s mandatory for reporters to ask at least one question about Paula Abdul’s crazy behavior during any media interview involving anyone connected with American Idol, Nigel Lythgoe found himself addressing Abdul’s behavior in a recent media conference call. Of course, Lythgoe insisted that the way Paula Abdul acted was just her personality.

However, the most interesting tidbit of information that Lythgoe let out is that producers are apparently editing the show cognizant of the fact that people might think Paula Abdul is drunk. Lythgoe said “Unfortunately, once you get in your head that she’s drunk or she’s taking drugs, neither of which she does, she certainly doesn’t do social drugs or even drink, so once you’ve got that in your head it’s very difficult. We look when we’re editing the show nowadays and say, “Hey, are people going to think she’s drunk for doing that?” We try and take that into account.”

We assume by Lythgoe’s statements that when he says producers are editing the show in regards to if some of Paula Abdul’s behavior might make people think that she’s drunk that they are not looking for those instances to feature on promotional highlights. While Lythgoe went on to add that they didn’t want to stop her personality, his comments certainly seem to suggest that Paula Abdul’s most wacky behavior during the taped audition episodes winds up on the cutting room floor.

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