Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Drunk Buggy Driver Almost Hit Two Police Cars With His Horse.

A man faces alcohol-related charges after a horse and buggy nearly hit two police cruisers early yesterday north of Stratford.

Two Perth OPP officers were responding to an unrelated call about 5 a.m. yesterday when they were forced to swerve their vehicles to avoid a horse-drawn carriage being "operated in a dangerous manner" along Line 55 in Mornington Ward, police said.

"In this case, the buggy didn't have any lights or reflectors," said Perth OPP Const. Glen Childerley. "Our officers said (its appearance) was just so instantaneous, they had to swerve.

"Occasionally we get incidents like this, (but) it's a weird one."

Officers found a 24-pack of beer and arrested a man who was "extremely intoxicated," police said.

A 29-year-old man whose name wasn't released is charged with public intoxication, careless driving and possessing open liquor, police said. He's scheduled to appear in Stratford court Feb. 27.

Impaired driving charges can only be laid against drivers operating motor vehicles, Childerley said. Anyone operating non-motorized modes of transport -- such as a horse and buggy -- faces lesser charges.

"If you're on your bicycle and you're impaired, you would be charged with intoxication in a public place," Childerley said.

GPS devices lead to suspects' home