Saturday, February 03, 2007

New York College Allows Underage Drinking In Class

(CBS) ROCHESTER, N.Y. Underage students at a college in Rochester, N.Y. get to drink beer and wine during class -- and it's legal, reports CBS affiliate WCBS-TV in New York.

That's if they're enrolled in a pair of courses at Rochester Institute of Technology titled Wines of the World and Beers of the World.

The courses are taught in R.I.T.'s College of Hospitality and Management Services. During class, students learn about various wines and beer and get to sample them.

A little-known provision in New York law allows alcohol to be used in educational instruction where the curriculum is licensed or registered by the state Education Department.

While many of the 80 students enrolled in the R.I.T. beverage courses are over 21, some are underage.

R.I.T. administrators said only small amounts of alcohol are sampled during the two-hour classes, so no one is leaving tipsy.

The instructor of the Wines of the World course said she gets some students who say they signed up because the beer class was full.

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