Friday, April 14, 2006

Paula Abdul's Drinking Problem

“American Idol” maker Paula Abdul is being accused of faking a claim that she was attacked at a private party earlier this month to cover up that she was ejected from the event, the New York Post reported yesterday.

The “American Idol” co-judge reported that a man, whom she later named as CAA agent Jim Lefkowitz, “grabbed her by the arm and threw her against a wall,” US Weekly reported, during a party at the traveling after-hours club Xenii in La-La. The altercation allegedly resulted in “a concussion and spinal injuries.”

A police investigation was launched, but may have never gotten off the ground because the agent hasn’t yet been called to talk to the cops.

“The press accounts of the so-called altercations between Jim Lefkowitz and Paula Abdul at Xenii last Sunday morning are completely outrageous and utterly false,” Lefkowitz’s lawyer, Michael Nasatir, told the Post.

“Mr. Lefkowitz did not have an argument with Ms. Abdul nor did he have any physical contact with her whatsoever . . . he was merely an innocent bystander at an unfortunate incident.”

In fact, two witnesses dished to the Post that the ’80s pop star appeared “drunk” and “out of it.” And that, she was kicked out of the party with her ex Dante Spencer.

Insiders have gone as far as to theorize that she concocted a story to counter witnesses’ claims that she’d been tossed from Xenii for being “falling-down drunk.”

Undaunted by criticism, Abdul cracked jokes about the alleged incident with Jay Leno the other night.

Abdul told the NBC late-night king that she was shoved to the ground and knocked unconscious.

“I saw stars, which therefore means I didn’t see Simon Cowell anywhere,” the “Idol”izer joked about her fellow judge.

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Source – BostonHerald.Com