Monday, April 10, 2006

Drunk Driver Gets 27 Traffic Tickets In One Day

ZAGREB — A Croat driver went on a romp on Sunday, receiving 27 driving fines in a single day, the Internet-edition of the Jutarnji List daily reported yesterday.

Ivan S., 20, first met police at 2am on Sunday, while driving drunk in Koprivnica, 50km northwest of the capital Zagreb.

Within minutes, he had tried to escape one routine police control, then ignored a second pursuing police vehicle, drove in the dark with lights turned off, overtook a column of cars across a full white line, drove in the opposite-direction lane and nearly hit a pedestrian on a crossing.

When he finally stopped — after running several red lights Russian-roulette style — it also turned out that his car was technically faulty.

All in all, he received 24 citations and was fined a total of 26,000 kuna ($4,300) in an emergency court hearing. Addressing the judge, Ivan S. promised to “change.”

He was in custody until Sunday afternoon, when he was allowed to drive off — and was promptly pulled over for another ticket for his faulty vehicle.

In the evening, he was again caught driving drunk — though that time he did not attempt to flee — earning himself a 26th ticket for drunk driving and the 27th within a single day for failing to fix his car. The fines for the latter violations were pending.

Source – Khaleej Times Online

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