Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Senator Swears He Never Voted Drunk. Ready To "Serve People" After Leaving Rehab

State senator Mario Gallegos returned from a Florida rehab center late last week. And after a few days with his family, he is ready to speak about his recovery.

Gallegos - a state senator since 1995 - told us before he made the decision to go into rehab he was drinking eight cocktails every day. He says it never affected his job and he was never drunk while voting. But realizes it hurt his family more than anyone else.

"I think when you hurt people you love, it makes it tough for you," Sen. Gallegos said. "The decision was pretty tough, but I have to face it and I have."

He says his doctor gave a clean bill of health. Gallegos will be in Austin for the start of the special session on Monday.

Senator Gallegos released the following statement regarding his continuing recovery from alcoholism:

"Last month I acknowledged to myself, my family, and my constituents that I am an alcoholic. I have now completed the four week residential treatment program which begins my continuing recovery.

"I am stronger, healthier, and better prepared than ever to represent the people of Senate District 6. I'm excited at the prospect of returning to Austin in the coming days to continue to fight for quality public education for our children.

"I am also delighted to find that I am also better equipped than ever to be a father, a grandfather, and a husband.

"This has been an eye-opening and humbling experience for me; alcoholism is a disease about which there are many misconceptions and prejudices. I have learned during the last few weeks that this disease is more common, and more destructive, than I imagined.

"My family and I are much better for me having taken this important step. There are so many other families suffering the terrible effects of this disease, and to those who have a problem and know they need to address it, I say 'you can do this.' It will not be easy and it will not be quick, but it will change your life and the lives of those you love for the better.

"I remain proud to represent the people of Senate District 6, and I want them to be proud of me. For those who forwarded their thoughts and prayers, thank you. With God’s help and your prayers, I am on the road to recovery."

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Source – ABC News