Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekend Reading

Here is a list of cool articles about successful unusual businesses for the weekend.

1. Selling Pickles Online? Actually, It's A Great Business

2. 5 Online Millionaires You’ve Never Heard About

3. 20 Ways For A Starving Students To Make Some Money

4. We Only Have One Of Each - StAlfred.Com Business Model Generates Profit

5. What Happens To The Ring When The Wedding Is Called Off?

6. 9 Famous Things Invented by Accident

7. Profiting From Human Irrationality. 10 Must Read Books

8. How To Rent A Midget Online

9. AdSense Superstars - Who Makes Most Money With AdSense

10. How One New Yorker Makes $100,000 A Year Uploading CDs To iPods For Other People

11. Moonshine As A Business (Plus Free Moonshine Recipe)

12. 10 Weird Businesses That Make Money Out Of Nothing

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to everyone!

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