Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do You Know About These Seven Free Services?

The best things in life are free: free email services (Hotmail or Gmail), free friends (next door neighbors), free image hosting sites (Image Shack or Flickr), free scenery (semi-clad waitresses across the street), and free video hosting (YouTube). To make it complete, just throw in a couple of free food and drinks and you've got it made already.

However, should your hedonistic self feel like hoarding more free online gizmos than you can possibly imagine, check out these small niche sites that offer really cool and awesome services.

And did we say again that they're FREE?

If you eat icons for breakfast, then you should eat this site for lunch. IconWanted.com is one of the first search engines in the world that looked for icons to be used for website or software applications. Don't worry about not finding anything--they currently have around 14,000 icons and 397 sets in their site, so you'd better do your eye warm-ups starting now.

Do you have a weird suspicion that your accountant is part of the apocalyptic alien triads from Saturn that will annihilate the world in the near future? Better fire him and use SideJobTrack.com, instead. This cool site allows you to type up your estimates and invoices manually—without the aid of an alien invader disguised as a straitlaced accountant.

No, it's not a site commemorating the death of a lactose-enriched drink. This is an online calendar, to-do list, and scheduler in one that allows you to conveniently merge everything together inside your PDA, phone, iPhone, or iPad. Beats writing them down in tissue paper, doesn't it?

Are you one of those people who firmly believe that Mark Zuckerberg is more handsome than Brad Pitt? And can we also hazard a guess that you think Facebook is genius and Twitter is divine? Then you're in luck—HootSuite.com helps you use all the popular social networks at the same time by using only one interface. However…

…should it sadly dawn on you that Zuckerberg may not be as handsome as Brad Pitt, you can just go to MyClasses.org and drown your sorrows by taking up a non-academic class, such as horseback riding, dancing, or yoga. And if you feel like the Facebook founder needs to get a good haircut, you can post all information about your hairdressing school to the world—and offer Mark a 30% discount if he asks Bill Gates to tag along with him.

Ever feel like strangling your phone with its own cables and infrared ports? Then you should try Bloove. Bloove.com is a web-based phone organizer, backup, and management system that gives you the option to restore all your data inside your phone, edit your old and new contacts, and synchronize your phone with your computer. Now, that’s what we call versatile.

How do you translate “I want Freebies” in a dozen languages? Maybe Transifex can help. Django uses it to translate its site—and so do GNOME, Fedora, Django, and Firefox. It offers the same service for commercial use as well, but you have to shell out around 30 euros for it.

Dmitry Davydov works for PickyDomains.com, world's first risk-free naming agency. We can find a perfect domain for you or your business and you pay us only if you decide to use it.