Monday, October 17, 2011

Six Ways To Make Money Online Without Really Trying

Chances are, you know that there are many ways to make money online. Blogging, freelancing, becoming a virtual assistant, affiliate marketing and so on. But all these take quite a bit of time, effort and sometimes expertese. Truth is, there are other, much easier, ways to make a few buck online. Obviously, because these are easier, the pay is quite a bit lower (you won't be able to retire on the Bahamas). Still, if you are short on cash and pressed for time, you might want to consider them.


Have you ever wondered what lawyers are looking for when they select a jury? provides attorneys with simulated jurors for mock trials. This helps them to figure out how a jury might react to their evidence and arguments in a real trial. You can earn between $5 and $15 just for filling out their questionnaires. selects their “jurors” by using criteria such as your geographic location and other demographic information. If you meet their criteria for a certain trial, you may be asked to fill out their survey.


If your friends say you spend way too much time on Facebook, now you can tell them y ou are actually earning money! We all have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and YouTube. Now you can earn money just by doing what we all do every day on these social networking sites. You probably won’t pay the rent with your earnings but, why not get paid for being online? They offer anywhere from .10 cents to $1 just for following someone on Twitter, joining a Facebook circle or just voting for YouTube videos.


If you are good at brainstorming names and phrases then is for you! This outsourcing service provides a think tank of people like you to help others choose a domain name or catch phrase. PickyDomains offers you the opportunity to earn $25-$50 just to suggest some ideas. All you have to do is log in, check the current orders and make some suggestions. If your idea is chosen by a client, then you get paid. In addition, if you own a blog you can make $30 just by reviewing the Pic kyDomains service.

4. Prizes.Org

This Google/Slide subsidiary pays you to help other people with small tasks. You could actually earn some money by helping someone with a toast at a wedding, or to write a eulogy. Similar to Google Answers, it won’t pay a lot, but you could earn $10 for a wide variety of assignments. Why not earn some money and feel good about helping someone?


Why not turn your photography hobby into some real cash? Bloggers and writers on the web are always looking for original images and they are becoming increasingly hard to find. You upload your original photos to and they could pay you anywhere between $5 and $20 if someone uses it. Many webmasters are starting to use this royalty free image bank, so the odds are good that your photo might get used.


Buxr is a social coupon site, where users submit best deals they find online. This is how it works. People search online for coupons, post them online and then others vote if they like the coupon or not. Deals that get a lot of votes are rewarded with cash payments sent to whoever found and posted them. So if you frequest coupon sites, might as well get some cash out of this activity.

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