Thursday, October 13, 2011

Five Unusual Ways To Make Money Online, If You Don't Want To Work Too Hard.

Unless you are brand new to the Internet, you know that there are plenty of ways to make money online. You can work as a freelancer, start your own blog and monetize it, become a virtual assistant, sell stuff on eBay, create your own affiliate sites, etc.

These all work, but they do take a considerable time and effort. So here is a list of sites, where you can make money online with very little time and effort – a lazy man’s guide to making money online, so to speak. Now, there is a price to pay for that – because these are much easier and take less time, they won’t make you rich. At best, you’ll make a few extra hundred dollars a month and that’s if you are lucky. But, as they say, there is no free lunch.

1. is a crowdsroucing naming agency that pays $25 to $50 (depending on order type) for each cool domain name you suggest that client decides to register. It’s really as simple as that – you log in, look at orders that describe what kind of name clients want and submit your suggestions. And if you happen to own a blog, you are twice as lucky, because PickyDomains offers $30 to any blogger who decides to review the service.

2. Prizes.Org
If you’ve never heard of Prizes.Org – you should, because this service has been launched by Google (through its subsidiary Slide, which Google bought last year). It’s a lot like Google Answers, where you get paid to help people. The pay is usually quite low - $10, but there is a wide range of assignments (like coming up with an unusual wedding toast speech).

Do you have a YouTube account? Facebook page? Twitter? Great, because at people pay you $0.10 to $1.00 to perform certain actions, like upvoting YouTube video or becoming a follower on Twitter or joining certain Facebook community. Now, obviously won’t become next Bill Gates by registering at Microworkers, but it’ll cover your Netfilx rentals and iTunes mp3 files, because there are a lot of orders to go around.

Do you take your camera everywhere you go? Then consider uploading your images to This is a popular royalty-free photobank, where a lot of bloggers and webmasters go to for original images. They pay isn’t outrageous – usually $5 to $20 for a photo, but hey, you’ve already taken all those images. Might as well get paid for your hobby.

Most people hate jury duty, but with you get paid to become a fake juror. Don’t worry, no Italian mafia is involved. eJury is a provider of mock trials for lawyers. When a trial is set to take place in a certain town, lawyers hire eJury to provide them with virtual jurors from a specified location and with specified demographics (race, age, sex, etc.), in order to get an idea how jurors may react to their arguments. You'll be given a questionaire and when you answer it, you'll be $5-$15 richer.

Obviously, these five aren’t the only legitimate ways to make money online with much less time and effort than the regular avenues. So feel free to explore and if you happen to know good ones, make sure you mention them in your comments.

David Deprice works for, world’s first domain parking service that puts original content on parked domains, turning them into live websites that get updated regularly. 90% of domains that are accepted into BenePark’s system generate at least $5 dollars in ad revenue each month. Some restrictions apply.