Saturday, October 15, 2011

5 Online Sources of Easy Money


If naming things is something you are particularly good at then offers you the opportunity to earn some easy money just by doing this. This crowdsourcing agency will pay you between $25 and $50 if you provide a domain name that a client registers. Taking advantage of this opportunity is as easy as logging in, checking the orders and submitting suggestions. Blog owners also get quite an opportunity here because reviewing the service on your blog brings in an easy $30 into your account.


The demand for photos and original images is quite high among webmasters and bloggers. This means that if photography is your hobby you can make quite a decent amount of money just by uploading the images to This royalty free photobank is freqented by many bloggers seeking original images and it is not unusual to earn $5 or even $20 for a single image.


Earning $15 for answering a questionnaire may seem like a scam but that is exactly what you find at This website provides fake jurors for lawyers wishing to conduct fake trials. Fake trials are meant to assist lawyers assess the reactions of the real jurors to statements that they may make in the real trials. If you are in a particular location and meet other criteria such as sex and age then you may be called upon to fill a questionnaire. When you answer this questionnaire you get paid between $5 and $15.


Most of us own accounts in many social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. However most of us don't realize that these accounts can be quite a decent way to bring in a few extra dollars. offers the opportunity to earn between $0.10 and $1 for doing simple tasks such as following a Twitter page, joining a Facebook community or just up voting videos on Youtube. The pay at won't make you rich but the job won't take anything out of you either so its quite a good trade.

5. Prizes.Org

Helping people is its own reward but its more rewarding to actually get paid for the help and that's exactly what Prizes.Org does. Prizes.Org belongs to Slide, a Google subsidiary, and here you get paid for helping people in various ways. The service is quite similar to Google Answers and while it doesn't pay a fortune (usually around $10) the range of assignments is quite wide and you may even be rewarded just for coming up with an unusual speech to be given at a wedding.

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