Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seven Cool Apps And Website Most People Don't Know About

Do you ever think to yourself, “There needs to be an app for this!” Actually, that is exactly how a lot of interesting and useful sites got their start. There was a need and somebody decided to fill it, and then offer it for free!

Here are the top seven on our list:

More than just a really cool word to say, Bloove is a web-based, cell phone management and backup system that is completely free. Bloove makes it easy to edit your contacts, manage speed dial settings, synch your phone and backup your data without wires of any kind making you crazy. It is a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth system that works with almost all major cellphone brands. If you have ever changed phones and had to re-enter all your contacts you’ll love this free service. There is a small fee for more than one phone.

Do you need a quick, cute icon for your website or newsletter? At IconWanted you can search through literally thousands of colorful graphics on any subject you can imagine. This is a free graphic search engine that can find you exactly the icons you are looking for to insert into your site. They currently boast over 27,000 icons – all for free. You can download them in just about any format (jpeg, GIF, ICO, or PNG) and in several sizes to suit your needs.

We are all taking on that second or third job just to get by these days. Now you can track and manage all of the details and financial transactions for all those extra jobs. Designed for part-time contractors, it is perfect for anyone who needs to create invoices, track expenses and record income. You’ll be glad you used it come tax time and so will your accountant!

You won’t have to remember anything anymore because RememberTheMilk will do it for you! This free site makes all of your gadgets talk to one another so you don’t have to. It synchronizes your PDA, iPad and iPhone. Now you just make one entry and all of your electronic toys are updated. It works on the scheduler, contacts, calendar, task list and more.

Calling all Twits! TwitBacks creates backgrounds for your Twitter account from hundreds of templates. You can customize just about anything in your Twitter account from this free website. It also integrates and links to all of your other social network accounts. You can even place them in your Twitter background.

Is keeping up with all of your social networking sites getting you down? HootSuite will let you manage your friends, tweets and circles all in one easy to use interface. Now being popular won’t be so exhausting. The basic services are available at no cost, but you will need to upgrade to the advanced service at $5.99 a month to use those options.

If you teach classes like Pilates, yoga, art or underwater basket weaving, you can use It is like a Facebook for non-academic classes. offers its services to schools, teachers, retreats, and dance studios for free and allows you to upload schedules, photos, payment information, etc. You can even search for classes being given in any large metropolitan city, worldwide. So if you are traveling and want to connect with other tap dancers, let’s say, you can.

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