Monday, March 26, 2007

Mouse Taunts Man, Steals Dentures

WATERVILLE, Maine -- Bill Exner, 68, has his dentures back, but his wife said the mouse that stole them is now taunting him.

The resident of Waterville, Maine, said he's caught the mouse three times, but each time it escaped.

Exner told the Morning Sentinel he trapped the field mouse and placed in a gallon-sized pickle jar three times. He said each time the mouse escaped.

"The first time, I left the top off the pickle jar -- I figured there's no way this guy can get out," Exner told the paper. "But he escaped, so the next time I caught him, I put the cover on loosely so he could breathe, and he got out again."

After the third time, Exner discovered his lower dentures were missing.

In the subsequent search, he and his wife found a small opening in a wall. With the help of their daughter's fiance, they tore a larger hole and retrieved the dentures.

"The dentures were inside the wall, lying right there. They were not damaged. The mouse didn't bite them or anything. It's like he was saying, 'I'm going to get even with you for putting me in that jar,'" Exner said.

But the mouse apparently hasn't had enough. It frequently comes out and stares down Exner. His wife, Shirley, said, "I swear he's taunting him. He's adopted us; we haven't adopted him."

Exner told the paper that he doesn't plan to put his dentures anywhere at night until he catches the mouse. "I got 'em right in my mouth and that's where they're staying," Exner said.

Exner told the Morning Sentinel that he doesn't want to kill the mouse, but he wants to drop him off in the country somewhere.

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