Friday, March 16, 2007

Man Arrested After Allegedly Stashing Marijuana Outside Virginia Courthouse

A man who tried to hide a small bag of marijuana just outside a courthouse door _ a common trick used for cell phones, which are not allowed inside _ was arrested and charged with distribution of the drug.

Security officer Carl Hornberger said he was working the courthouse metal detector when he told Ronald E. Hall Jr. to empty his pockets. Out tumbled Hall's cell phone and a half-ounce bag of marijuana.

"You can't bring that crap in here," Hornberger said.

Hall, 22, took the phone and the drugs and hid them in the bushes outside, then passed the security checkpoint and continued upstairs.

Hornberger summoned a police officer, who waited for Hall to return and watched as he retrieved the phone and the pot, Hampton Police Cpl. Allison Good told the Daily Press newspaper.

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