Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Trucker Wants To Change His Name To Ynot Bubba

(AP) LAS CRUCES, N.M. Justin Brady's friends call him Bubba, so he figured why not ask a judge to change it legally. He wants to be known as Ynot Bubba. "It's just a name," Brady, 43, said in a telephone interview from Alabama, where he was on the road.

"I want my name to (be) ... not just something common," said Brady, who lives in Las Cruces but spends most of his time trucking the highways.

Brady said he was given up for adoption as a baby and lived in an orphanage until he was 14, when he was taken in by a couple who divorced two years later. Now, he said, his foster father wants nothing to do with him "and I basically want nothing to do with his name."

His chosen first name, Ynot, comes from communities around the country named Wynot and Whynot.

His choice of last name comes from people he now considers family who nicknamed him Bubba eight years ago for no particular reason.

"They only knew me by Bubba," he said. "I would call and say, 'It's Justin,' and they would say, 'Who?' I'd say 'It's Bubba,' and they knew who it was."

Now he said his friends laugh when he tells them about his pending name change.

Ynot Bubba was the final choice among three names Brady considered. He considered Lacon Marlboro, inspired by the town of like Lacon, Ala., and his preferred choice of cigarette. He also considered More Chek, from his desire for more money.

Brady's name change petition will be heard April 2.

"If you see in the paper that I get denied the first one, you'll see me applying for the other one," said Brady, possibly soon to be Ynot Bubba or Lacon Marlboro or More Chek.

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