Monday, January 21, 2008

Hurt yachtsman calls pub for help

British people are known for not making a fuss, so when a yachtsman had to be rescued in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, he rang his local pub rather than calling the coastguard.

Suffering a suspected fractured pelvis after a fall on the deck of his boat, Alan Thompson, 61, managed to reach a satellite phone and called Roger Pocock, landlord of the Bull's Head pub in Fishbourne, West Sussex.

"We received a call from him saying he was in trouble,'' Pocock told British media.

"I don't know why he didn't put out an SOS, but maybe he didn't want to make a big alert.''

Falmouth coastguard launched a joint operation with American rescuers 600 nautical miles north-east of Bermuda on Saturday.

Mr Thompson, of Chichester, West Sussex, had bought the 11-metre yacht called Padolu in Florida and planned to sail back to the UK single-handed.

He was being taken to safety in the US and had to abandon the vessel, which was not insured.

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