Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ex Champ drank over 200 Cans of Beer a Week

In a story set to air tonight on Channel Nine's 60 Minutes in Australia, former boxing hero Lester Ellis reveals he sucked back 220 cans of beer a week during his destructive battle with alcoholism. Ellis reveals the shocking truth about his struggle, during which he spent six weeks in jail this year.

This past May Ellis walked into a video in Melbourne armed with a samurai sword and two knives. Police used capsicum spray to put Ellis under control and under arrest. Days later matters would get worse for Ellis as he attempted to take his life by jumping in front of traffic. He pleaded with police on the scene to shoot him.

Ellis has reveals he drank 220 cans of beer a week, and sometimes up to 40 a day, telling the tv program: "(I was drinking) over 30 cans a day easy, maybe more, maybe 40. Alcohol took me places that you wouldn't take a dog."

Ellis also tells the program: "It takes away your soul, your heart, your pride, your house, your kids, your money. It removes everything you own . . . now I'm working every day to get my wife back, taking it one day at a time."

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