Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Russians Are Drinking Less Vodka

MOSCOW. Nov 13 (Interfax) - Russia produced 90.2 million dal of vodka and alcohol products in January-October 2006, down 9.7% year-on- year, the National Alcohol Association (NAA) said citing an expert council on the alcohol market with the State Duma's Economic Policy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism Committee.

Vodka production rose 8.4% year-on-year to 13.1 million dal in October.

Food-grade ethyl alcohol output fell 25.8% to 41.1 million dal in the first ten months of 2006 and 0.9% to 6.7 million dal in October.

Wine production increased 42.4% to 35.9 million dal in January- October and skyrocketed 110% to 5.152 million dal in October.

Champagne and sparkling wine production grew 7.8% to 10.8 million dal in the ten months and 15.7% to 2.1 million dal in October.

Brandy output soared 51.5% to 4.754 million dal in January-October and 110% to 658,000 dal in October.

Output of low-alcoholic products rose 9.2% to 42.2 million dal in the ten-month period and 40.8% to 6.079 million dal in October.

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