Monday, April 24, 2006

Dad Gets His Son Drunk, May Go To Jail.

A Westmoreland County man accused of getting his teenage son so drunk that he had to go to the hospital appeared before a judge on Friday.

Dwayne Davis, of Hempfield Township, faces a charge of corruption of minors. His son was found at their trailer park in desperate need of medical attention, police said.

Davis told WTAE Channel 4 Action News that he was trying to teach his son a lesson, hoping the alcohol would make him sick enough that he wouldn't want to drink again.

Channel 4 Action News reported that Davis was close to reaching a plea agreement on Friday.

"I'm not able to discuss that right now, but Mr. Davis wants to get back with his family and get things moving in the right direction," attorney Jeff Monzo said.

Davis' neighbor, Jeremy Karasek, is also charged. Police claim that he also gave the boy beer.

Source – WTAE TV4