Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Woman Jailed Over Cat Urine Set Free

A Tampa area woman who spent nearly two months in jail after she was caught with what police thought was an illegal substance has been released.

Turns out the contents of vial found in Cynthia Hunter's purse was cat urine.

The 38-year-old woman from Lithia was arrested August 15th on a charge of petty theft after she was accused of stealing from a Brandon Wal-Mart store.

Deputies added charges of possession of a controlled substance after finding a vial containing a yellow substance in her purse. A drug field test suggested the substance was methamphetamine.

At the time, Hunter told police the substance was dehydrated cat urine for her son's science project and that it had been purchased at an animal clinic. She was released from jail last Thursday after lab results came back and confirmed that the substance was, in fact, cat urine.

Hunter pleaded guilty to petty theft and a judge gave her time served.

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