Thursday, July 12, 2007

Strangers Live In Car For 30 Days

Alpharetta, GA -- Imagine living in a car, 24 hours a day, seven days a week with nothing to do but sit and watch all the people watching you.

Such is the case for the final two contestants in local radio station Star 94's Wheel World Atlanta contest.

The station selected eight contestants over a month ago, loaded them into two SUV's at Northpoint Mall in Alpharetta on June 11, and let them sit. The contestant that lasted the longest would leave the mall in a 2008 Mercury Mariner. They entered the car with nothing, but time. There's no TV, no phones, no pillows, no books, no nothing. As for trips to the restroom, they receive a 10-minute mandatory break every three hours. In that time, they can use the bathroom, take an improvised shower, whatever they want, provided they are back in the car when the 10-minute countdown ends.

Over the past 30 days, one contestant missed a birthday, the Fourth of July came and went without a bar-b-que with friends and family, and needless to say, they haven't worked in the past month.

Rather then waiting out seven contestants actually walking away from the car, Star 94 instituted a few eliminiation challenges and had listners vote off contestants.

One contestant quit live on the radio, brinings the other car-sitters to tears.

Now only two remain.

There's Jesika, a 19-year old UGA public relations student with hopes of attending law school. She currently drives a 1990 Buck Skylark that has no air conditioner. Her only remaining competition is Cyndi, a stay at home mom that's been married for 18 years. Her family shares an old Ford Ranger.

The competition will end Friday at noon. No word yet on how or if the station will decide between the two remaining contestants on who wins the grand prize.

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