Thursday, April 12, 2007

Robbery Suspect Arrested When His Leg Falls Off

(CBS) POMONA, Calif. A man with a prosthetic leg that fell off while he tried to flee from police was arrested Tuesday a short time after he allegedly burglarized a market in Pomona, Calif. with an accomplice, who escaped, police said.

Gregory Daniels, 48, was booked for burglary following the crime, which occurred about 3:10 a.m. PDT at the Pomona Ranch Market, Pomona police Sgt. E. Vazquez said.

Daniels and an accomplice allegedly used a chain and a pickup truck to pull an ATM machine from the concrete floor where it was bolted down, Vazquez said.

"An anonymous caller reported the incident ... and officers immediately responded," Vazquez said.

Police saw the pickup leaving the area and followed it into a residential neighborhood, where it went onto a dead-end street and stopped, Vazquez said.

"Daniels was on the ground near the vehicle in an attempt to flee from officers," Vazquez said. "However, he was unsuccessful, as his prosthetic leg fell off."

The other suspect ran away. The ATM was recovered by police. Anyone with more information about the crime was urged to call authorities.

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