Friday, June 09, 2006

iPod is more popular than beer among students.

iPods are more "in" than beer across American college campuses, according to the Student Monitor.

Seventy-three percent of the 1,200 students surveyed by the college market researcher rated iPods as an "in" item or activity. Drinking beer and, the social networking site, shared a close second place, each rated as "in" by 71 percent of college students. "Drinking other alcohol" was considered "in" among 67 percent.

Other determined "in" items among college students this year are text messaging (66 percent), downloading music (66 percent), and coffee (60 percent). rated 58 percent.

Dispelling the technology gender myth, more women than men rated blogging, digital cameras, text messaging, downloading music, downloading ring tones, sharing photos online, notebook computers and iPods as being "in."

Males did lead overall in gaming. PlayStation 2 was the most "in" gaming device among men at 38 percent, and Xbox 360 at 29 percent.